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Our Experience

Rock Rockett, PhD, has many years of experience as a Blue Cross executive, a surgery center management executive, a healthcare accreditation executive and as leader of his team of experts in developing successful independent physican practices.

We've assisted groups in starting up endoscopy centers and endovascular centers. We've assisted solo physicians in developing office endoscopy capabilities and helped to make these practices more successful.

We've negotiated deals with payers to provide higher fees for office endoscopy procedures. We  identify other sources of revenue and introduce those to our GI physician partners.  And we've led physician groups in merging with other practices to form a mega group.

All of our strategic initiatives help physicians to either collect more for what they're already doing or collect new revenue from new ventures, such as pathology labs, infusion, office endoscopy,  clinical trials, and more.


Our Approach

We partner with independent physicians and physician groups to provide expert consulting to increase revenues in order to sustain their independence. Independent practices are good for doctors, good for patients and good for payers.

 ➢ GI practices moving to office endoscopy. Why? 

o Medicare & commercial payers pay more for GI procedures in office settings 

o No Certificate of Need required! 

o BCBS plans pay incentives in highly regulated states 

o No huge investment required as with ASC’s 

Obtain revenue from pathology lab services 

o Professional Component fees payable to GI’s 

o Partner with a path lab to gain Technical Component fees 

o Set up your own lab if your volume is sufficient 

Earn a share of anesthesia revenue 

o Mobile anesthesia groups cover PACU expenses – including RN salaries 

o You earn revenue by setting up your own anesthesia practice 

o You can hire CRNA’s and bill for anesthesia services 

Provide added services for patients in your office 

o Clinical trials research – vendor provides Research Associates 

o Dysphagia diagnosis & therapy services you bill and collect for 

o Infusion services that you bill and collect for 

Colon prep kits also provide added revenue 

o You provide the prep kits as a convenience to your patients 

o It’s add-on income in addition to your professional fees

We’ve achieved success on behalf of many GI groups and we can help  you too!

Our consulting services are customized to fit each physician practice or endoscopy center. 

Services include: 

*Financial pro forma

* Assist with floor plan design & selecting  contractor

* Project management services

* Discounts on equipment

* Accreditation consulting

* Setting up day to day operations

* Contracts with payers and billing


* Ongoing maintenance of accreditation

Rock Rockett and Lisa at Northwest Health Care Associates in Hoffman Estates, IL.

Why Us?



Ongoing client relationships

Team of experts

Flexibile service offerings



Because our clients say so:

 "Congratulations on your work anniversary! You've always done great work." 

Dr. Manoj Mehta, Chicago

"I would absolutely recommend Rock to anyone who is looking for a leader in the healthcare space that is innovative and looking for win win solutions." 

Seth Merritt, VP, Aetna

"Rock is forward-thinking and hard working. His help has been instrumental in my practice. He leads his field in his accomplishments." 

Dr. Ron Shelton, New York

"Rock is personable, efficient and communicative. Obstacles were overcome with creative thinking and speed. He has extensive leadership experience in the healthcare field." 

Dr. Sushil Duddempudi, Austin, TX


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