6 Challenges Facing Office-Based Endoscopy Development

April 1st, 2023 | Office-Based Endoscopy

Medical professionals who take the time to meaningfully connect with their patients can provide critical support and help ease serious concerns. Building that rapport is important as even routine tests can feel like a looming cloud for some patients.

An additional benefit is that in-office procedures become less intimidating when your patients feel like they’re being properly cared for and treated. A quick visit to the doctor’s office rather than a hospital setting can make individuals much more willing to undergo important procedures while also growing private practice revenues. 

If you’re considering offering office-based procedures, like endoscopies, be sure to look into whether private practice consulting services can help save you time and energy.

The team at Rockett Healthcare would like to help your private practice better understand the challenges and opportunities that arise when offering office-based endoscopies. 

1. Determine Office-Based Endoscopy Feasibility

The very first step to take is to determine if offering office-based endoscopies is even financially feasible. If you want to grow your private practice revenues, you need to ensure any additional services you provide will be profitable. Keep in mind that you will likely need to carry the cost of equipment, maintenance, and patient safety and convenience.

To verify financial feasibility, it’s best to hire a private practice consultant like   Rockett Healthcare to conduct a feasibility study. We can break down whether you have enough patient volume and give you a cost-benefit analysis to make an educated decision on how to pursue private practice growth. 

A consultant can also make sure you’re aware of what it will cost to get accredited and what insurances will typically pay for the services provided.

2. Negotiate Insurance Contracts

Have you decided to offer office-based endoscopies at your private practice? Keep in mind how you’ll be paid. As most patients will not be able to completely private pay for these services, they’ll likely need insurance coverage, which means you need to negotiate with insurance companies

A consultant in your corner can help to protect your rights and ensure you enjoy a favorable contract.

3. Design Effective Workspaces and Procedures

Creating effective workspaces and procedures can be a bit hard to manage without some trial and error. Thankfully, this is another aspect where office-based endoscopy consulting can help. 

An experienced consultant can help you to establish best practices so your patients’ care is always a top priority. 

4. Increase Patient Satisfaction and Safety

Many patients prefer the convenience of visiting their personal doctor’s office rather than an ambulatory surgical center. This doesn’t mean, however, they should skimp out on patient care services. 

The best office-based endoscopy practices follow the same strict standards used by hospitals and larger medical facilities. Following these practices will build patient confidence in the care you are providing. 

As a bonus, you may find regulations easier to manage if you’re following the strict and established procedures recommended by your private practice consultant. 

5. Abide by In-Office Endoscopy Regulations

If you’re hesitant about offering in-office endoscopy because of regulations, you aren’t alone. Many private practices are concerned about running afoul of regulations, as they’ll need to successfully navigate these complex standards to offer patients the services needed.

When in doubt, a consultant can be your guide to navigating the tangle of regulations in your path. 

6. Secure Office-Based Endoscopy Accreditation

Whether you’ll need accreditation depends on exactly what procedures you want to offer. If your patients require moderate to heavy sedation, you’ll likely need to be accredited

Rockett Healthcare has the experience needed to help you navigate the accreditation process with ease.

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