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How Ambulatory Surgery Healthcare Consultants Can Help Your Private Practice

As the owner of a private practice, you know healthcare. However, there are some aspects of the business that might be outside your expertise. That’s where consultants come in. If you’re considering developing an ambulatory surgery (ASC) center, you should… Read More

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How Accreditation Consulting Can Benefit Your Private Practice

A healthcare accreditation consultant can help you identify changes that need to be made in your practice to achieve compliance, but the benefits they offer extend beyond that. If your private practice is struggling to get accredited, an office-based surgery… Read More

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How To Start Your Medical Device Startup: 7 Steps You’ll Need To Follow

If you have a great idea for a new piece of medical equipment or medical device, you’ll need to establish a startup medical device company in order to develop that idea and eventually take it to market. That isn’t a… Read More

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A reception desk at a medical office with multiple computers at an angled counter.

6 Challenges in Office-Based Surgery Accreditation: How To Obtain ASC Accreditation

Acquiring accreditation for a healthcare organization is a challenging process that requires plenty of effort and determination. When an organization begins the process of accreditation, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the requirements and guidelines set by… Read More

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A doctor writes on a clipboard.

Can My Practice Benefit From CON Regulations?

Certificate of Need (CON) regulations are in place for ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) in about 20 states. For most physicians, these regulations stop them from forming their own ASC due to the high cost and complexity of coming into compliance.… Read More

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Two physicians sitting on a couch and talking.

How a Private Practice Consultant Can Help Your Private Practice Succeed

When you start your own private practice, you go from solely being a physician to wearing many hats. The load can quickly get heavy, causing your practice to suffer before it even gets off the ground.  This doesn’t have to… Read More

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A person wearing green scrubs and holding a clipboard has a futuristic medical hologram display.

Healthcare Trends for Private Practice in 2023

The healthcare field is always changing. New discoveries and treatments can shake up how individuals are treated, which can lead to healthcare trends arising. These healthcare trends, in turn, can help us create effective healthcare strategies. However, before private practices… Read More

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Accepting Insurance at Your Private Practice: What You Need to Know

Many physicians with their own private practice have to decide whether to accept insurance or not. While the process is different depending on each practice and insurance company, a physician should consider a few key things. Learn what you need… Read More

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What You Should Consider Before Getting Into Private Practices

As a physician, you have many decisions to make about how you provide care. You might work for a hospital or run your own private practice. If you’re considering leaving your job to open your own office, there are many… Read More

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Why The Next Generation of Physicians Is Moving To Private Practice

Each year, a large number of physicians leave hospital employment in search of a better work-life balance and control of their job. Many of these physicians have moved to private practice to get that balance. Learn why the next generation… Read More

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"Rock and I met when I was considering joining an existing endoscopy center. He helped me do the analysis that showed I'm better off doing procedures in my office and taking advantage of the rates he has negotiated with payers in the Chicago area. In addition to helping me design my center, equipping it, and getting it accredited by AAAASF, Rock has helped us implement multiple revenue streams and significantly increased professional fees over my prior rates. He also worked diligently to recover thousands of dollars in payments from our major payer that had been miscoded and denied."

Dr Manoj Mehta, MD

Endoscopy Center of the North Shore

Wilmette, IL

"Rock Rockett helped us to successfully launch our first healthcare product in the US. His knowledge and experience were instrumental in helping us understand and navigate a complex health system. We are thankful for his guidance and are excited to see what the future holds."

Aonghus Shortt, CEO

FoodMarble Digestive Health

Dublin, Ireland

"We contracted with Rockett Healthcare, LLC to help us develop our endoscopy center and contract with payers. Rock led a very successful contracting effort with the payers and we are earning combined facility and professional fees for office-based procedures that are 200-300% of Medicare ASC rates(depending on the payer). Rock achieved this for us by educating the local Hawaii payers on the value of office endoscopy in Hawaii's regulatory environment which makes it difficult to obtain an ASC license."

Dr Mel Ona, MD

Ohana Endoscopy Clinic

Kapulei, HI

"Rock and I met about 10 years ago when he led the negotiation process to get higher rates from our major payer for office-based procedures. He and his team helped us get our office endoscopy suite accredited and successfully completed negotiations with other payers.

More recently, I engaged Rockett Healthcare, LLC to evaluate the financial feasibility of merging with another GI group in our area. He did a terrific job of assessing the risk and reward potential of that transaction. He regularly proposes new strategies to better manage the practice and grow revenue. Rock is very prompt, forthright gets the job done expeditiously.

Rock’s contacts in the health care/insurance industry and his understanding of medical practices puts him in a unique position to advise physicians."

Suman Kaur, M.D.

Digestive Disease Associates, LTD

Hinsdale, IL

"We worked with Rock from day one of our project to develop a two room endoscopy suite for office based procedures. In addition to guiding the project from start to finish, he also has contracted with almost all of our major payers. His negotiations yielded rates with the payers that are 3x what we were getting when we did endoscopy procedures in surgery centers and hospital outpatient settings. We are grateful for his expertise and persistence in negotiating higher rates on our behalf."

Samuel Cordeiro, MBA

Prima CARE

Fall River, MA