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Prima Care


Endoscopy Suite Opened July 22, 2019 in Fall River, MA

We partnered with PrimaCare to assist in designing and developing their fully equipped endoscopy suite at their main campus in Fall River, MA.

Premier gastroenterology services

In their new endoscopy suite, PrimaCare will provide colonoscopy and endoscopy procedures at their main campus where their six gastroenterologists have their offices. This will bring their patients quality care very conveniently in their local office. All of this is done at the most affordable cost to patients.

Outstanding PrimaCare Physicians

GI physicians in practice at the new office endoscopy suite include Board certified gastroenterologists:


Comprehensive Gastrointestinal Health


Comprehensive GI Health in Northbrook, IL

Dr. Tara Troy, MD opened her new practice and endoscopy suite in September 2018.

Office endoscopy helps sustain your independent practice - better results!

Dr. Troy's practice is designed to address gastrointestinal issues as well as behavioral and dietary issues affecting the GI tract.

MD + NP + Therapist + Dietician

Dr. Troy has uniquely designed her practice to treat her patients more wholistically. To address patients' issues she has a full staff to support her, including a Nurse Practitioner, Dietician, and Therapist.

Rochester Endovascular

 Rochester Endovascular in Rochester, NY - This is an outstanding story. My friend and client, Dr. Ian Wilson, delivers life saving and limb saving treatments to his patients in a very comfortable, fully accredited office setting in Rochester, NY. That's right, not in an expensive, cold hospital or in a surgery center, but in a fully accredited medical office that I helped him with. What a great story this is! 

Lotsu Digestive health & nutrition


Lotsu Digestive in Chicago, IL

In his fine new facility, Dr. Dzifaa Lotsu sees his patients and performs necessary gastrointestinal procedures. 

Opened in May 2018

Dr. Lotsu, leading Chicago gastroenterologist, performs patient visits and gastrointestinal procedures in his accredited office endoscopy suite. His practice is one of the premier physician practices located in the popular West Loop area of Chicago.


Dr. Lotsu partnered with Rockett Healthcare for assistance in all aspects of developing his office endoscopy facility, from design assistance to providing resources for anesthesia services, pathology lab services,  equipment procurement, etc.

Endoscopy Center of the North Shore

Endoscopy Center of the North Shore in Wilmette, IL

Rockett Healthcare worked with Dr. Manoj Mehta from start to finish in developing his beautiful office endoscopy center in Wilmette, IL. 

Board certified in internal medicine and gastroenterology, Dr. Mehta is a member of several gastrointestinal professional societies and a Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association. He has lectured on a variety of subspecialty gastroenterology topics for physician practices. In 2015, he was invited to give Grand Rounds to Evanston Hospital’s Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology, where he received high accolades for his presentation on the “Microbiome in Health and Disease”. 

Endoscopy Center of the North Shore is a great example of what gastroenterologists can accomplish in delivering superior care in a cost effective and very convenient setting for their patients. Rockett Healthcare assisted in nearly every step of the process from financial feasibility through design and construction management and culminating with the issuance of the Certificate of Accreditation from the American Association of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities.


advanced gastroenterology associates

Advanced Gastro Associates in Hoffman Estates, IL

In partnering with this group of six gastroenterologists, we benefitted from a special program we negotiated with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. BCBS of IL provides incentive payments for gastro offices that achieve accreditation for office endoscopy and thereby provide more cost effective and higher quality care in their accredited office setting.

Dr. Brian Muska and his associates are saving their patients and BCBS of IL thousands of dollars annually as a result of building their beautiful facility, partnering with Rockett Healthcare to become accredited and moving the majority of their procedures out of more costly hospital outpatient departments. Advanced Gastro Assoc's is now part of DuPage Medical Group.


subodh k. mallik, md clinic

Mallik Medical Clinic in Fort Stockton, TX

Dr. Mallik called upon Rockett Healthcare to assist in developing in-office endoscopy services in his facility in Fort Stockton, Texas. This new west Texas clinic features many services not usually provided in small towns.

In his newly expanded office, Dr. Mallik is able to see patients and perform necessary endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopies and upper endoscopies. 

Dr. Mallik also had the foresight to begin other services for his community such as ReShape, a gastric balloon procedure for weight loss and infusion treatment services for various conditions.


Texas Gastroenterology Institute


Texas Gastro Institute in McAllen, TX

Fully accredited by AAAASF for office based procedures.

Complete range of digestive health procedures

* Endoscopy

* Colonoscopy

* Hemorrhoid Treatment & Banding

* Orbera Gastric Balloon

* Advanced endoscopy with EUS (Endoscopic Ultrasound)/ERCP (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatopgraphy)

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