Grow Your Private Practice and Attain Accreditation With Rockett Healthcare

February 16th, 2022 | Private Medical Practice

Obtaining accreditation to properly run an endoscopy center can be extremely challenging if the organization is not fully prepared to meet all requirements.

But what exactly are the benefits of accreditation and how does an entity prepare for it? In this article, we’ll explore the reasons to obtain accreditation and from where you can receive assistance.

If you’re concerned about your private practice’s development, sustainability, profitability, and growth, learn how Rockett Healthcare Strategies can assist you with the accreditation process!

A Brief Background on External Assessment

As more ambulatory endoscopy centers open themselves to outside review, it has become increasingly important to obtain accreditation in order to grow their practice.

Below is some essential terminology covering accreditation:

  • Licensure – Most states require healthcare entities such as endoscopy centers to be licensed, which generally involves an on-site review by a state-level agency.
  • Certification – As opposed to licensure, certification allows healthcare centers to be approved for Medicare participation and services administered under federal guidelines.
  • Accreditation – The process by which a healthcare center compares the quality of its services against nationally recognized standards. Accreditation combines self-assessment and a survey by the accrediting body.

Unlike licensure and certification, accreditation is a voluntary process and badge of honor for a healthcare organization. Let’s explore how this recognition can benefit your surgery center.

Seeking Accreditation: The Driving Factors

There are a number of reasons that an endoscopy center would want to become accredited that result in both growth and medical practice sustainability. While many healthcare entities are aware of accreditation, few may fully understand its benefits.

  • Practicality and Necessity – While not true in all states, many ambulatory endoscopy/surgery centers require accreditation by a certified third party. As this trend grows, it only makes sense to get ahead of the curve.
  • Commitment to Improvement – A healthcare entity that is willing to allow a thorough assessment of itself shows devotion to improving the quality of its services, from patient care to on-site technologies.
  • Smart Business Decision – It’s shown that centers recognized as accredited have an edge in the marketplace and improve the odds of a private practice’s success. Accreditation also shows an entity’s ability to manage itself.
  • Better Negotiating Position – Insurers have continued to exhibit that they recognize and value an organization’s accreditation. This has translated to private practices having better leverage in negotiations and eligibility for more contracts.

So, how can you make sure your endoscopy center is ready?

The First Step to Accreditation is Rockett Healthcare

Rockett Healthcare Strategies, a growth and profitability consultant for private practices, makes it a direct part of our strategy to prepare centers for accreditation. Though only one part of Rockett Healthcare’s plan to help grow your private practice, we undertake a number of actions to ensure you obtain accreditation, including:

  • Finding the right agency for your endoscopy center
  • Utilizing tech and software to track all necessary data
  • Consulting directly with management and training staff
  • Preparing organizations with a mock survey

Keep in mind, these are just a few of the methods employed by Rockett Healthcare Strategies to help you become accredited and improve your business. Dr. Rockett does everything in his power to help you and your team get to where you need to be to compete in a growing and more competitive marketplace.

Grow Your Private Practice with Rockett Healthcare Strategies

Upon learning about the benefits of accreditation, it’s clear that the process is key for medical practice sustainability. Rockett Healthcare is dedicated to helping endoscopy centers achieve accreditation and become more competitive in the marketplace.

Don’t wait – Get in touch with Rockett Healthcare and learn how our unique strategies can help you get accredited!