Healthcare Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

January 18th, 2024 | Healthcare Strategies

Ambulatory surgery center development offers a variety of unique advantages, but it also comes with unique challenges. To make your ASC succeed, you’ll need to have strategies to make the most of opportunities and overcome difficulties.

To help ASCs do well, the American Hospital Association released a report on “Strategies for Success in a Growing Ambulatory Surgery Center Market,” which highlighted several different healthcare strategies that surgery centers can use to improve performance. Keep reading to check out some of those strategies and get more information from experienced ambulatory surgery center healthcare consultants.

1. Forming Partnerships

As an ambulatory surgery center, you can connect with other healthcare providers in your area to access new patients and improve your reputation. This might include partnering with hospitals, orthopedic groups, sports medicine clinics, and more. An ASC healthcare consultant can help you identify potential partners in your region.

2. Using Data

Next, you can collect data and metrics about your care and performance to improve your office efficiency. This information can be used to improve staffing and physician performance, and to streamline workflows and boost resource use. To figure out what data is available and how to collect it, you can work with a healthcare consultant.

3. Utilize Technology

In today’s day and age, there are lots of opportunities to use technology to improve your ASC performance. In addition to the tools you use for care, you can also take advantage of automated systems and electronic processes to cut back on your staff workload. This can also help to improve the quality of your health records. Finding the right software or system isn’t easy, but a healthcare consultant can help.

4. Go Virtual

In addition to the opportunities to automate your process, technology also offers unique benefits for patients, and your patients will appreciate it! This year, take advantage of advancing technology by offering online pre-admission assessments and patient processing online. This offering can include a wide variety of services, such as patient education, recovery information, and follow-ups. You can overcome the challenges of switching to offering virtual services with help from an ASC consultant.

5. Build Only What You Need

Finally, during your ambulatory surgery center development, you should create a careful plan to build only as much as you need. This means building a center that is fully equipped for your immediate needs, but which has room to grow as more capacity is needed. Ambulatory surgery center healthcare consultants can help you determine what space you’ll need.

Get Healthcare Strategies for Ambulatory Surgery Centers From Healthcare Consultants

From lower costs for care to improved safety and cleanliness, ambulatory surgery center development can offer a wide range of benefits to private practices. However, to make the most out of those opportunities, you’re going to need effective ambulatory surgery center healthcare strategies. That’s where healthcare consultant Rock Rockett comes in.

Rock Rockett has a wealth of experience in the healthcare industry, and that makes him exceptionally talented at guiding private practices through the ambulatory surgery center development process. If you’re looking for ways to improve your private practice or ASC, Rock can help.

If you’re ready to see your ambulatory surgery center development project succeed, reach out to Rockett Healthcare Strategies ASC healthcare consultants.

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