Healthcare Trends for Private Practice in 2023

February 6th, 2023 | Private Medical Practice

The healthcare field is always changing. New discoveries and treatments can shake up how individuals are treated, which can lead to healthcare trends arising. These healthcare trends, in turn, can help us create effective healthcare strategies.

However, before private practices can benefit from trends that can grow their private practice, they must identify some of the more beneficial healthcare trends that are coming in 2023. That’s where Rockett Healthcare Strategies comes in.

Trends in Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm and has started cropping up in a wide variety of industries. Machine learning (ML) has also become very popular and is slowly starting to make its way into healthcare.

One of the biggest applications of AI for private practices will be in computer vision. Computer vision can spot early signs of disease via x-rays or MRI scans that a human may miss. This tech has also been used to detect and treat neurological disorders, which can prove to be a massive help depending on the services your private practice provides. 

Wearable medical devices will also continue to make tracking common health signs easier. These devices will also be able to effectively monitor symptoms for a wide variety of physical illnesses. Recent healthcare trends have also made monitoring for mental illnesses, like depression, more common. 

In either case, healthcare providers will have a more complete idea of their patients’ daily health rather than a short snapshot in the office.

Telemedicine on the Rise

For 2023, healthcare providers can also expect telemedicine to become even more popular. 

Patients frequently prefer video calls since it is easier to fit them into a busy schedule. For basic services, like going over test results or medication refills, it makes sense to shift over to telemedicine. If you combine this with wearable devices, your private practice can also monitor important vitals during these same calls.

Whether a practice offers telemedicine services can be a deciding factor for many patients as it can save them time and help relieve medical anxiety if they can stay in a familiar location. 

You can easily grow your private practice by offering telemedicine appointments whenever you can. 

Increased Importance for the Welfare of Healthcare Workers

Improving care for patients and lowering costs has been an important goal for many healthcare practitioners. However, ignoring the welfare of frontline healthcare workers and staff during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a migration of qualified doctors and nurses.

Focusing on the staff who take the brunt of the work will be a big healthcare trend this upcoming year. While private practices are preferred by most healthcare workers, they may still leave if they aren’t feeling fully appreciated for all their hard work.  

One of the best ways to do this is to treat your staff with the same care and service that you would show your patients. Not only will this make them feel like you care, but you’ll be modeling how you want them to treat patients.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

If you want to attract more patients, staying ahead of the trends can keep your private practice thriving. Offer the services that patients want, and they’ll be more likely to choose your practice.