How a Private Practice Consultant Can Help Your Private Practice Succeed

March 1st, 2023 | Private Medical Practice

When you start your own private practice, you go from solely being a physician to wearing many hats. The load can quickly get heavy, causing your practice to suffer before it even gets off the ground. 

This doesn’t have to be your story, though, if you seek the help of a private practice consultant. Continue reading to discover how a private practice consultant can help your practice succeed!

1. Practice Growth

If your practice is stagnant, you may not be able to sustain it for long. A private practice consultant can assess your practice and identify potential venture opportunities and extra revenue streams. Rockett Healthcare also has a revenue growth officer who can show you how to keep your practice competitive and provide you with a feasibility analysis for new ventures, markets, and service opportunities. With the help of our consultant, you have endless possibilities for practice growth and development!

2. Efficiency & Workflow Configuration

The beauty of having your own private practice means tailoring your workflow configuration to increase efficiency. You can do this both with the design of your office space and the processes and procedures you follow during the work day. Finding a sweet spot for your workflow configuration can be tricky when you’re trying to balance other responsibilities. Having the help of a private practice consultant means having an experienced professional who can ensure maximum efficiency through your office design and day-to-day procedures.

3. Accreditation and Compliance

While accreditation is necessary to run a sustainable and successful private practice, it doesn’t come without its headaches. Going through the accreditation process can be long and grueling if you don’t have an expert walking you through it. A private practice consultant with years of experience can use established relationships and processes to get you the accreditation you need and make sure you’re running your practice in full compliance.

4. Medical Start-Ups

Starting your private practice may seem unattainable due to inexperience and the simple unknown. But, a private practice consultant who has gotten multiple private practices up and running can share their knowledge and experience to help you make your dream a reality. A consultant like Rock has a team of talented people who can help you start your practice efficiently and effectively.

5. Surgery Center Development

Your move to private practice may have stemmed largely from a lack of control over your own patient care and treatment. By developing a surgery center in your community, you can oversee your patient’s care from start to finish, including surgical procedures. A private practice consultant can help you set this up by finding possible location sites for the center, employees to run it, and proper equipment to use for procedures.

6. Office-Based Surgical Suite Development

A successful private practice does several procedures in-office to increase both efficiency and profitability. Creating an office-based surgical suite can seem out of your wheelhouse at first, but with the guidance of a private practice consultant, you can receive help with a feasibility analysis of this project, compliance training, and procedure manuals.

7. Favorable Contracts

Without the right amount of experience in private practice, you may have been bamboozled by the insurance companies in your initial contracts. A private practice consultant can help you renegotiate your contracts with the insurance company to get you better rates and increase your overall profit.

Help Your Private Practice Succeed With Rockett Healthcare Strategies

Starting your own private practice doesn’t have to be something you do on your own. A private practice consultant can bring valuable experience and existing relationships to the table that can ensure the success of your practice.

At Rockett Healthcare Strategies, Rock has decades of experience that he uses to help physicians start and maintain successful practices. Schedule a feasibility review today to get an expert’s opinion and find out what services we offer to help your practice!

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