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Drive Practice Revenue


Office Endoscopy Works!

I have negotiated deals with payers in which they agree to pay significantly more per procedure for cases done in accredited offices

  • I’ve assisted many GI practices in getting set up for office endo and to get accredited
  • Payers I negotiated with 10 years ago are still paying significantly more per procedure in professional fees for cases done in office

Office endoscopists get share of path lab fees

 Path lab Professional Component fees increase your income per case even more

  • Cost to you is only the cost of a CLIA license and a microscope
  • Regulations allow you to receive Professional Component subject to certain requirements – these vary by state

Deals with mobile anesthesiologists reduce office endoscopy expenses

Anesthesia group comes to your office for each full day of procedures – prefer 8+ cases per day

  • Anesthesia group covers ALL costs of recovering your patients – they pay salaries of recovery room RN’s, provide sedation supplies, provide crash cart, etc.
  • You don’t have to own the anesthesia practice, although that also is an option

Clinical Trials research can be performed in your office with little expense

Clinical trials research companies bring in the necessary equipment (refrigerator, centrifuge, etc.) and hire Research Associate

  • You identify in your EMR patients who are good candidates for the trial therapeutics
  • Revenue to you can range from $8,000 - $12,000 per patient per trial and there are over 30 trials ongoing for GI conditions
  • Trials are available on infusion drugs for GI conditions in addition to oral therapeutics

Profit from the colon prep you provide to your patients

Provide the prep with complete instructions to reduce follow up calls from patients

Earn more per colonoscopy at affordable prices to your patients

More convenient for patients to get the prep in your office without an extra trip to the pharmacy